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Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: A Guided Conversation about Leadership Programs

Location and time: Friday, October 28, 2011 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM, Rm 200D/C

Hashtag for this program is: #AASLLEAD

Program Description:

Rapid changes in the role of the school librarian and the graying of the profession have demonstrated a need for the aggressive identification of leaders in the field. When the new AASL guidelines came out in Empowering Learners (AASL, 2009), the traditional four roles for school librarian (teacher, information specialist, instructional partner, program administrator) were enhanced with the addition of the role of leader, one that not all school librarians feel comfortable with. ALA, Gale Cengage and Library Journal have taken up the challenge by establishing programs to identify and cultivate school library leaders. Potential leaders can create their own paths to leadership by working with participants in these program to develop their own leadership skills

Past AASL President Sara Kelly Johns will moderate "Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: A Guided Conversation About Leadership Programs." She will give an overview of both the ALA Emerging Leaders program and the Cengage/School Library Journal New Leaders programs stressing the similarities and differences between the two. The SLJ/ Gale Cengage new leaders on the panel are: Margaux DelGuidce, Shannon McClintock Miller and Gwyneth Jones. ALA Emerging Leaders on the panel are Laura Warren-Gross and Wendy Steadman Stephens.

The emerging leaders from both programs will describe activities and programs that developed their leadership skills causing them to be identified as leaders. Each panelist will be given the opportunity to share their personal experiences with the leadership programs and to specifically describe the benefits of participation. The panel will conclude with the personal impact the program has had on their careers at the local, state and national level. In conclusion, participants will have a hands-on learning opportunity to develop specific strategies interactively using back-channeling by the panel and the audience to enhance and develop participants’ leadership skills, sharing in real time. A Twitter hashtag (#AASLLEAD) will let others at AASL "see" some of the ideas and resources in real time; participants' Tweets that are questions for the panel will be surveyed and they be answered during the Q & A session that will conclude the presentatio

1. Identify collaboratively the characteristics of leadership as a crucial role of the school library profession.

2. Familiarize participants with available leadership programs for personal and professional development.

3. Develop personal leadership strategies for participants, modeling the use of interactive technology.

Presenters and Mentors:

Sara Kelly Johns, Moderator
Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian: Gale/SLJ, Mentor - Dr. Joyce Valenza
Margaux DelGuidice: Gale/SLJ,Mentor - Sara Kelly Johns
Shannon McClintock Miller: Gale/SLJ/Mentor-Ann Dutton Ewbanks
Laura Warren-Gross (ALA Emerging Leader)
Wendy Stephens (ALA Emerging Leader)