Welcome from SLJ, Gale and maybe ALA leader

I. Begin with introductions and a review of the role of school library leadership as defined in Empowering Learners, p. 45-48. Audience participants will interactively define their perceived characteristic of school library leaders using a "TodaysMeet" prompt which archives their responses and makes them available on site to share and discuss.
Note: Please send me a brief introduction skjohns@gmail.com
II. Move into a brief discussion about the ongoing ALA Emerging Leaders program and the Gale/Cengage New Leaders program in relationship to this year’s SLJ Summit on the future of reading.
Note: How many were there? What activities were there outside the Summit itself?
III. Each new leader will discuss the program(s) being instituted in her library and beyond and those characteristics and activities which identified her as a new leader.

IV. Each will discuss the benefits in participating in a leadership program.

V. Each leader will then talk about the impact their program(s) have had on the community on a local and possibly even state/national level.

VI. The program will conclude with interactive recommendations by all in attendance, using a TodaysMeet prompt, on how to institute personal leadership programs and how to step into a leadership role in their home libraries and communities